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    1. Contactless Business: The State of Play

      ?????????????????A Euro?pean study of bus??inesses adoption, attitude and plans for contactless technology. ?

      Contactless Payment: Card, Mobile, Wearable? ?

      ?We spoke to 240 banking, retail, telecoms and transport business-decision makers across Spain, Germany and the UK about their attitudes to contactless technology, both now and in the future. This is what we found out:

      • ?Nine? In 10 Businesses Are Now Running Contactless Projects
      • No clear preference for one payment option with contactless payment cards the top priority for 52% of businesses, followed closely by mobile payments (50%), wearable device payments (43%) and contactless store/loya???lty cards (42%)???
      • ?What's driving adoption?  What's holding them back? How are they planning to address the challenges???

      Get a qui?ck snapshot of the key findings with a country specific overview


      Downl?oad infographic for UK
      Download infographic for Germany
      ?Download infographic for Spain


      ???To read more about all the key findings, download the whitepaper